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The job purpose of the Director-General is to implement the provisions of Act 630 and such other general directives as the Board of Directors of the Authority may give for the efficient organization of the management of the Authority.


The overall day-to-day administration of the Authority:

  • Interpret clearly the policies and decisions of the Board and their effective implementation including plans and programmes of the Authority.
  • Provide strategic direction and ensure the efficient supervision and coordination of both the technical and administrative activities for the achievement of the objectives of the Authority.
  • Implement the object and functions of the Maritime Authority Act 2002 (Act 630), the Ghana Shipping Act 2003 (Act 645), Maritime Security Act 2004 (675) and any other related enactments.
  • Monitor and review plans and programmes of the Authority and evaluate performance levels to ensure that the actual performance levels conform with planned output.
  • Ensure prudent utilization and management of the Authority’s resources (both human and capital).
  • Liaise with Government and other external agencies to promote the image of the Authority.
  • Provide good leadership and adequate motivation for the staff of the Authority and ensure the development of a good corporate culture as well as a shared organizational vision and mission for effective performance.
  • Advise and assist Government in the formulation and implementation of maritime policies.
  • Ensure proper organization and management of the Authority in general.


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