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Examination Schedule


1ST EXAMINATION:                                                                        JANUARY

WRITTEN                                                                  -                                   JANUARY 9th – 13th

ORALS                                                                      -                                   JANUARY 30th

2ND EXAMINATION:                                                                        APRIL

WRITTEN                                                                  -                                   APRIL 6th - 10th

ORALS                                                                      -                                   APRIL 24th   

3RD EXAMINATION                                                                         JULY

WRITTEN                                                                  -                                   JULY 10th – 14th

ORALS                                                                      -                                   JULY 31st   

4TH EXAMINATION                                                                         OCTOBER

WRITTEN                                                                  -                                   OCTOBER 2nd - 6th

ORALS                                                                      -                                   OCTOBER 23rd  

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Seafarers Eligibility Letters

Requirements for Eligibility Letters

  1. Letter from Regional Maritime University
  2. Copies of Discharge book entries
  3. Copies of Certificates
  4. Copies of Sea-Service testimonials
  5. Address for verification if applicab

Procedure for the Issuance of Seafarer's Eligibility Letter

  1. Applicant should obtain a letter for Confirmation of Sea-Service from the Regional Maritime University (Nungua).
  2. Applicant brings confirmation letter to the Ghana Maritime Authority, proceeds to the Accounts Department and makes payment in respect of processing for eligibility.
  3. Applicant submits letter and all supporting documents (i.e. copies of Discharge book entries, copies of all certificates held, copies of sea service testimonials and payment receipt) to the Registry of Ghana Maritime Authority.
  4. In cases where certificates held by applicant were not issued by the Ghana Maritime Authority, applicants should provide the address of the issuing Authority for verification purposes.
  5. Applicants should note that it takes fourteen (14) working days for eligibility letters to be issued.

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Notice of Eligibility

Application for an Examination:

  • The Ghana Maritime Examinations Board shall conduct all examinations.
  • All applications for examinations for a certificate of competency should be sent to:

         The Director General
         Ghana Maritime Authority
         Ministries Post Office
         PMB 34, ACCRA.

  • Applicants are advised to submit applications by hand or use the Registered Mail Service of the Postal Service.
  • Application Forms may be obtained from the Ghana Maritime Authority.
  • Candidates for examination should apply for a Notice of Eligibility as follows:
    • Not later than 30 days before the date of the examination to be taken, the completed application form, the examination fee and supporting documentation should be sent by hand or by post to the address in paragraph (
    • The GMA will only accept an application if the candidate has satisfactorily completed the initial training and/or the qualifying seagoing service requirements for the class of certificate applied for.
  • When a candidate's application has been approved a NOTICE OF ELIGIBILITY shall be issued. This notice will specify any exemptions or subjects previously passed, it will also authorise the candidate's admission to the written and oral parts of the examination as appropriate.
  • To apply for re-examination in the event of failure, the Notice of Eligibility together with a fresh application and the appropriate fee should be sent by hand or post to the Examination Unit of the Ghana Maritime Authority, when a new Notice of Eligibility will be issued.
  • When the oral and ALL the necessary written examinations have been passed, the Administration shall issue the appropriate Certificate of Competency.  

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Written Examinations

  1. Every candidate must provide proof of identity before being allowed into an examination hall. This identification document may be a Passport, Discharge Book or National Identity Document.
  2. Every candidate must produce a NOTICE OF ELIGIBILITY before being allowed to take an examination.
  3. Candidate must be seated in an examination hall not later than TEN (10)minutes before the commencement of an examination.
  4. No candidate shall be allowed into an examination hall THRITY (30) minutes after an examination has commenced.
  5. No candidate may be permitted to leave an examination hall within the first THIRTY (30) minutes of an examination that is in progress.
  6. Candidates must remain seated at the end of an examination, and may only leave after all answer scripts and supplied materials has been collected by the invigilator, and the permission given to do so.
  7. Upon leaving an examination that is still in progress, candidates must quit its precincts and shall desist from communicating with any person in the examination hall in any manner whatsoever.
  8. Any candidate who completes an examination before the stipulated time may be allowed to leave. Under such a situation the candidate must call the attention of the invigilator and to proceed as in 6 above.
  9. Candidates must not communicate with each other in any manner whatsoever, when an examination is in progress.
  10. Any candidate in need of assistance during an examination must call the attention of the invigilator by raising a hand.
  11. Candidates must provide their own pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, drawing instruments, mathematical tables, electronic calculators, etc. and any other materials as prescribed, and shall not be allowed to BORROW these items from fellow candidates while an examination is in progress.
  12. Mobile phones are not allowed in an examination hall.
  13. All materials for an examination, other than those items listed in 11 above shall be provided by the GHANA MARITIME EXAMINATIONS BOARD.
  14. With the exception of diagrams, all answers shall be written in blue or black ink.
  15. With exception of question numbers, Candidates must not write in the left margins of answer sheets, but may use the right margins for rough work.
  16. All the pages of examinations answer scripts shall be numbered and signed by candidates in the spaces provided, to be accepted as genuine for marking.



The following actions shall constitute examination offenses:

  • Impersonation
  • Cheating by
    • The introduction into an examination hall, materials other than those stated in .11 by a candidate.
    • The unauthorised exchange of materials between candidates.
    • Communicating among candidates in any manner whatsoever..



  • Any candidate found impersonating shall be handed over to the Police for prosecution.
  • Candidates caught cheating shall:
    • Be immediately expelled from the examination room..
    • Not be allowed to continue with the remaining examination.
    • Have the papers already written, canceled.
    • Be banned from taking any examinations conducted by the GHANA MARITIME EXAMINATIONS BOARD for a period of THREE years commencing from the date the offence was committed..


Declaration of Results

  • Results of examinations shall be published in writing by the Chief Examiner of Seafarers or an appointed representative..
  • Results shall be published within ONE calendar month of the completion of an examination, commencing from the last day of the examination in question..
  • A candidate may petition for the review of an examination result, by applying and paying a fee, which is equal to THREE times the fee chargeable for the particular examination..
  • A petition must be filed with the GHANA MARITIME EXAMINATIONS BOARD within two weeks of the publication of results to be considered valid. 

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Oral Examinations

The Interview

  • A panel of not more than 3 examiners shall conduct the interview.
  • Candidates must produce NOTICE OF ELIGIBILITY before examinations will be conducted.
  • Candidates must produce for scrutiny, originals of the following documents:
    • Discharge Books.
    • Testimonials of Sea-Going Service.
    • Record of Sea Training where applicable.
    • Present Certificates of Competency where applicable.


Production of false documents.


Any candidate who produces false documents at an Oral examination shall be handed over to the Police for prosecution.

Declaration of Results

Results of an Oral examination shall be declared by the Examiner immediately on the completion of the Interview.

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Validity of Passes/Resits

Academic Subjects

  • A candidate shall retain the validity of a pass in any subject for a period of 5 years.
  • A candidate who fails in a subject shall be allowed an unlimited number of re-sits in that subject within the stipulated 5 years period.
  • Failure to pass in all subjects and hence satisfy all the conditions for award of a certificate of competency for that class within the stipulated period shall result in automatic nullification of the validity of passes in all the subjects.
  • The candidate shall then be required to re-attend a course of study before being allowed to continue with the certification process.

Professional Subjects

  • All subjects constituting the professional shall have to be passed together en block.
  • A candidate who fails to pass as required shall be allowed an unlimited number of re-sits within a period of 2 years
  • A candidate who fails to pass and hence satisfy all the conditions for award of a certificate of competency for that class within the stipulated period shall be required to return to sea for additional six months experience before further attempts shall be permitted.
  • Continuous failure after that for a further 2 years shall result in automatic nullification of the validity of any passes.
  • The candidate shall then be required to re-attend a course of study before being allowed to continue with the certification process.

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Seafarers Examinations


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