Survey and Inspection of Boats on the Volta Lake

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The GMA is responsible for the enforcement of safety measures to regulate shipping and navigation on the inland waterways.

Inspections and Surveys
Surveys and inspection of boats are conducted by the GMA’s marine surveyors on boats that are used on the Volta Lake in order to eliminate the use of sub standard boats. The marine surveyors also mark boats and assign loadlines to establish the maximum loading capacities for safe operations.

Training of boat operators/mechanics
Training programmes are organized for boat operators and outboard motor mechanics in order to improve their competencies and enhance safety of transportation on the lake. These programmes are mainly conducted for the local people from the villages dotted along the Volta Lake like Dambai, Dzemeni, Kete-Krachi, Kpando-Torkor, Tapa Abotoasi and Yeji.

Boat Safety Educational Programme
Safety educational programmes and exercises are conducted at Yeji, Kpando-Torkor,Tapa Abotoasi, Kete Krachi, Dambai and Dzemeni . The educational programme also includes free distribution of leaflets on the Inland Waterway Safety Code, demonstration in basic seamanship and the use of navigational safety devices such as life jackets and fire extinguishers. 


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