Procedure For Ship Registration

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  1. Applicant must obtain permit for importation of vessels.
    1. Fishing – Permit from the Minister of Food and Agriculture.
    2. Cargo –Permit from the Minister of Transport.
    3. Applications must have the following attached:
      • International Oil Prevention and Pollution Certificate (IOPPC)
      • Safety Equipment Certificate
      • Safety Construction Certificate
      • Safety Radio Certificate
      • Load line Certificate
      • Tonnage Certificate
      • Transcript of Register
      • Certificate of Registry
  2. Application to the Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority for registration of the Vessel with copies of certificate of incorporation of company, certificate to commence business, company objectives on Form 3 and Bill of sale (old vessel) or builders certificate (new Vessel).
  3. Upon satisfactory assessment of the aforementioned documents approval will be given for the purchase of the under-mentioned forms at Ghana Maritime Authority.
    • Application to register a ship
    • Declaration of ownership
    • Notice of a name proposed for a Ghanaian Ship
    • Allotment of signal letters
    • Survey application form
  4. Applicant fills in survey form and a surveyor is appointed (Ship/ Radio) for initial survey upon payment of survey fee.
  5. Approval of Application by the Director-General to Registrar of ships with duly executed forms afore-mentioned
  6. Registrar of Ships appropriates official number and issue Ship’s Carving and Markings Notes
  7. Applicant submits Ship’s survey Certificate and Carving and Marking Notes duly issued by the Surveyor of Ship to Registrar of Ships
  8. Applicant pays for registration fees and Ship’s Certificate of Registry is ready for issue within two day


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