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The Hydrography division of the Ghana Maritime Authority provides navigational services in accordance to the International Maritime Standards. It oversees navigation along the coast of Ghana on issues such as collation and dissemination of tidal, current and weather information in addition to the following duties;

  • Undertake survey and chart Ghana’s waters, preparation of charts and dissemination of relevant information on drafts along the coast
  • Install, inspect and maintain lighthouse, buoys and other aids to navigation
  • Demarcate safe water channels and waterways
  • Carry out and identify marking, notification and removal of wrecks and other hazards to navigation
  • Review and authorize the location of underwater cables, pipelines, terminal points, rigs and other offshore installations
  • Handle environmental issues in respect of coastal and offshore developments
  • Undertakes preliminary investigation of maritime accidents and casualties in collaboration with other departments
  • Assist in the collection and compilation of hydrographic data for navigational charts and publications and other applications to meet standards of international organizations
  • Assist in the production and distribution of charts and publications
  • Assist in directing operations to find, position and chart new dangers to navigation
  • Provide navigation services along the coast of Ghana including collation and dissemination of tidal, current and weather information


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