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I warmly welcome you to the official website of the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA). We intend to fully inform you about our duties and functions as a regulatory body, distinct from other maritime agencies. 

The Ghana Maritime Authority is under the general direction of the Ministry of Transport with the objective of providing the Ghana Government with the machinery which will enable it to satisfactorily and efficiently regulate activities of boat operations and safety of navigation in the Inland Waterways; as well as superintend and coordinate the functions embodied in the Ghana Shipping Act, 2003 (Act 645).

These functions include the implementation of the requirements of International Maritime Conventions, and National Rules and Regulations under the Authority of the Ghana Shipping Act, 2003 (Act 645).
In furtherance of the above, the Authority is to provide and organize the appropriate facilities for the Survey and Certification of ships, and the training, examination and certification of Seafarers.

As a whole, the areas affected within the ambit of the GMA’s activities are: Survey and Inspection of Boats on the Inland Waterways, Training of boat Operators/Mechanics, the Registration of ships, Seafarers and related functions, Operations (Surveys, Inspections and Certification of ships), Port State control of foreign ships, Flag State control of Ghanaian ships, upkeep and maintenance on National Shipping fleets; and also other related maritime activities such as maritime training, (the conduction of examination leading to the issuance of the appropriate Certificates of Competency and/or Proficiency to various seafaring personnel), Conducting inquiries/investigations into shipping casualties, Manning of ships, Crew welfare matters, Dealing with matters pertaining to prevention/control/combat of marine pollution, the adoption and implementation of International Maritime Conventions,  Search and Rescue, ship-building, ship-repairing, ship recycling, Wrecks, dry-docking and port operations.

The GMA is therefore, essentially a servicing Authority which ensures the Safety of Life at Sea/Inland waterways and the protection of the marine environment for the benefit of the Shipping industry and Seafarers.

Apart from its Head Office in Accra, the GMA operates branch offices from the ports of Tema and Takoradi.


Mr. Kwame Owusu
Director General



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